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We now have 4 dental plans to choose from: Network Platinum, ChoicePlus and ChoiceStandard (all provided by MetLife), as well as a DMO plan provided by Aetna.  The Network Platinum plan has the exact same benefits as today's Premium plan, but you MUST use a MetLife PDP Plus network dentist. The ChoicePlus plan is a bit more modest than the current Premium plan, but you can use any dentist. The ChoiceStandard plan is similar to our current Standard plan and also allows you to use any dentist. The DMO plan is the same as it is today, but you must use an Aetna DMO/DNO network dentist.

Everyone who wants dental coverage next year should go online and select the plan they want. If you are in the dental plan today and you do not select a new plan, you will be defaulted into one of our new plans. Those in the Standard Plan will go to the ChoiceStandard Plan, those in the Premium Plan will go to the ChoicePlus Plan, and those in the DMO will stay in the DMO. 

Regardless of which plan you choose, we encourage you to find a network dentist. Remember, network dentists are charging 30% less on average. That means you pay 30% less on your share of the bill, and so does your dental plan. There is no easier way to keep our rates stable than using a network dentist!

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